JW Marriott – State of the Arts

If you are staying at the JW MARRIOTT HOTELS anywhere around the world, please take a look at their beautiful magazine.  Beginning April Bespoke by Maricela Sanchez Art has an advertisement for the quarterly issue.  I’m honored to be includ…ed in this publication with many great designers, remarkable brands, and gifted writers who are sharing interesting stories and peaking our interest.


Last week I spent time in Houston.  I love to see the creativity and to live within it.  I enjoy everything… from the culinary arts to spectacular landscapes, to the visual stimulation I found at galleries and at Neiman’s.  It’s simply a visual treat… and quite yummy I must say!  I traveled there to share my work with designers and my culinary friends.  I enjoy exchanging ideas with the very people I look up to who also lift my soul.  Here’s a visual splash of colors I found to be inspiring… a mix of oil and water right on the streets of Houston.

Oil Splash

Oil Splash… found on the ground of a parking lot