Biography – Maricela Sanchez


Raised in Highland Park, Illinois, Maricela Sanchez works as a fine artist and a design artist. Maricela’s professional art career has been multi-faceted and all-encompassing. She has both trained as a fine artist and worked alongside craftsmen to develop fine art and functional, art-infused products. Her creativity is not constrained to one area of her career, and she has dedicated her pursuits to its expression.


A deeply passionate creator, Maricela has infused her professional pursuits with her artistic talents for over 30 years. Her paintings, prints, installations and sculptures center on organic, ambiguous forms that evoke a uniquely human sense of nostalgia and a curious balance of sass and sophistication. Since 2009, Maricela has focused on experimental ideas for public exhibitions to include installations. Her fine art is owned by public, private and museum collections.



In 2012, Maricela shifted gears to combine her previous artistic experiences with her love of animals and pets to launch her entrepreneurial endeavor — Bespoke Crates & Gates.  Her custom products perform a necessary function while transforming areas of the home into artful moments of unexpected beauty.


IMAG0344 (3)Maricela has also devoted over 30 years in charitable activities supporting the arts, health and pet rescue organizations, raising over $7 million net in funds.  She supports the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society of Corpus Christi, several art museums and contemporary art spaces in South Texas, and the American Heart Association, among other causes.


Maricela lives in Texas with her husband and their beloved pets.