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The bespoke collection & home décor products by Maricela Sanchez Art™ features luxury crates, gates, panels & tables to enhance the beauty and function of your space.  Create one-of-a-kind items or order standards products, all while expanding your fine art collection.    


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Barkley colored pillow - small file

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Maricela Sanchez Art™ offers a variety of art-inspired designs and styles to suite the most refined tastes.  Our furnishings provide high-end, functional design.  To order, simply click on our menu below for our online shopping cart or to inquire.

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Our designs are inspired by Maricela Sanchez’s artwork.  Full customizations are also available.Design Options Visuals


Services include: artwork created by a Texas artist, fine art, painting, prints, sculpture, installations, fine art consulting, consulting for bespoke functional art, as well as bespoke products such as luxury dog crates, gates, panels & tables, end table dog crate, end table pet crate, pet play pen, pet pen, luxury pet crates, gates, panels & tables, luxury pet furniture, luxury dog kennels, designer dog crates & furniture, designer canine accessories & custom furniture, fancy pet crates, fancy pet gates, modern dog crates, modern pet crates & furniture, custom dog crates & canine accessories, custom pet crates, gates & furniture, contemporary canine accessories & furniture, bespoke furniture & fine art, bespoke crates & gates & canine accessories, ultra luxury celebrity pet furniture and more. We tailor to your needs.