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Maricela Sanchez Art offers decorative designer panels for windows, doorways, pet gates and more. We will create and fabricate for your specifications and your needs.   Standard materials are made of highly durable, textured, marine grade polymer.  Contact to order.

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Custom Decorative Panel

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Custom Window Panel


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Services include: decorative window panels, decorative wall panels, decorative partition panels, decorative pet panels, luxury window panels, custom window panels, custom window screens, custom wall screens, custom lattice panels, outdoor panels, modern screens, modern window treatments,  luxury dog crates, gates, panels & tables, luxury pet crates, gates, panels & tables, luxury pet furniture, luxury dog kennels, designer dog crates & furniture, designer canine accessories & custom furniture, fancy pet crates, fancy pet gates, modern dog crates, modern pet crates & furniture, custom dog crates & canine accessories, custom pet crates, gates & furniture, contemporary canine accessories & furniture, bespoke furniture & fine art, bespoke crates & gates & canine accessories, ultra luxury celebrity pet furniture.