Frequently Asked Questions

Dog in Crate 2Q:  My pet is not trained, can I use the crates and gates?

A: Pets are wonderful, and each one is unique. Some have more training than others, and some are more obedient than others. We do not suggest that you use our crates or gates to restrict a pet to a particular confined area if you think that your pet is uncontrolled, too physical for the crate or gate, or will not respect the crate or gate.  To protect the bottom of your crate, we suggest using a pan to prevent any damage. Pans are easy to find on-line or through your local pet shops.

Q: How does the crate door operate and hold in place when it’s open?

The door lifts to open from the entry side of the crate through a built-in track that has u-shape hooks at the top of the track.  The door slides up and down and the tracks, guiding the door. The door stays in place at the u-shape hook.  YOU must have an operator to move the door up and down to prevent injury.  We STRONGLY recommend supervision.  In addition, if you are keeping the door open, we suggest that you remove the door entirely from the track and u-shape hooks.

Q: Can I pick up the crates by the handles?

The handles are designed strictly for moving the crate from area to area, without a pet inside, nor with added weight.  It is strongly recommended that you only  move the crate without added weight.

Q: Why are the gates only 24″ high?

The designs are created to enhance your environment and to prevent obstructing your beautiful space.  However, we can make different size gates at your request.

Q: Can you customize the size and design?

A: Yes, we can work with you to customize the size, design and material.  Simply contact us with your needs and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Can I use the gates as barriers for children?

A: Many people want to use the gates as barriers for children; however, we strongly recommend against using the gates to protect children or for any other purpose where you intend to prevent or safeguard against bodily injury, death, or property damage.

Q: Can I use the gates as panels for other home and commercial needs?

A: You may find that you want to use our gates in any number of ways. We have customers interested in using the panels in many creative ways, including window coverings, outdoor air conditioner fencing, outdoor furniture cabinets & trunks for cushions holders, fencing and lighting. If you are considering a particular placement or use for our panels, we will be happy to help propose particular panel sizes or designs that may accentuate your placement (ultimately, you are responsible for how you choose to use the gates and where you place the gates). Simply contact us at and we will gladly try to assist you.

Q: Can you make the panels out of other materials?

A: Yes, we can make custom products and may be able to construct gates from materials you request. Please send us architectural drawings with exact measurements and we will make every effort to work with you to best meet your needs.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: All sales are final, there are no returns. We are a small company and our products are made when you place your custom order. Our products are expensive to produce and we trust you will be happy with the end result … a magnificent piece-of-art.

Q: What is a manufacturer defect?

A: If you notice anything loose or broken, contact us within 2 days of receipt of the product to be eligible for a replacement. Take photos of the damage and any damage to the box and email them to with your complaint within the 48-hour period. Product must have no damages, no scratches and be unused in order to be replaced.

Q: Who pays for shipping?

A:  The buyer pays for all related shipping costs.  The price on the website includes one-way delivery using UPS Standard Ground in the Continental US.  Shipments outside the US may be subject to import duties and taxes and are a responsibility of the buyer or recipient.  For orders outside the US we suggest you contact the respective customs office for information regarding specific duties and taxes for the destination of the country.   By law we are required to fully disclose the value of the contents and cannot alter the value.

Q: How do you ship orders?

A: We primarily use UPS to ship all orders.  Please expect at least 4-6 weeks for your product to arrive with standard orders in the Continental US.

Q: Why does it take 4-6 weeks for standard orders?

A: Your order is very important. We are a small company and want to make sure we provide you with quality products. We will always make an effort to ship at the earliest opportunity.

Q: What if I am having trouble ordering?

A: Please email or call us at 361-688-6116.