Pillows – Sunbrella Fabrics

Maricela Sanchez Art is pleased to introduce custom pillows made of Sunbrella fabric, tailored to your specific needs. The collection has sophisticated jacquard patterns and luxurious textures made for indoor, outdoor, by sea and your best canine friend.  Easy to clean with convenient zip off covers, the pillows are made to fit your matching crate.  Available to fit X-Small to XX-Large crates or customize.  Shipping not included.  To purchase, simply contact info@maricelasanchez.com  and inform us of your needs.

Alyssa Luvs - Samples

American Maze - Samples

Bargelow Flame - Samples

Deco Divide - Samples

Embellish Diamond - Samples (2)

Kayana - Samples

Safari Luxe - Samples

Squiggly - Samples

Traverse - Samples