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“What an incredible find! So happy to find a spacious, high quality, stylish crate that my puppy loves! Started with one and ordered a second for my office. I highly recommend this crate!”

– Susan Edgerton, New York, NY


“Working with Maricela was incredible, as an artist AND pet lover, she was attentive to the details, provided great suggestions for the size and shape and was able to meet a tight deadline.  The result was a piece of art that exceeded our expectations in quality and looks beautiful in the space.”

– Kate, Interior Designer, Idilluc Designs, Los Angeles, CA


“The gates & crate I received look beautiful in my home, as if they are were part of the décor, and not just something thrown there. I really wanted something that worked to keep our new puppy contained as well as looking great in our kitchen. These gates and crate achieved both of these objectives. Everyone who comes into our home comments on how fabulous they look, including the dog trainer that noted how many he has seen over the years! They were well worth the wait!”

– Dawn Diaz, Englewood, NJ 


“The crates are amazing, I love them so much and so do my dogs. They consider it their home so I never have to close the crates. I love the modern look and style, which compliments and beautifies the surroundings of our home.”

Claudia Laboa, San Antonio, TX



“I was so tired of looking at an ugly crate and trying to hide it out of sight yet still keeping it functional. During an internet search for ‘pretty pet crates’, I found Bespoke. My days of trying to hide an ugly crate are over. Our new crate is both beautiful and functional! My husband now calls it ‘Pippa’s Condo’ instead of crate. Not to mention, she absolutely loves it. Because of its design, Pippa now has a better view from inside her condo and I no longer have to hide the old school crate.”

  – Lynn Hesse, Plano, TX



“Zeke Urban thinks his crate is fabulous. He thanks his Aunt Marcy for creating a beautiful home for his resting and sleeping and wishes that other Viszlas were as fortunate as he is.”

– Zeke Urban, Corpus Christi, TX


“OMG! I Received my Mariposa crate and it’s absolutely beautiful! I love the material, the craftsmanship is fantastic and it fills the niche of function and beauty all in one. Thanks so much. I may need to rearrange my furniture so it is more visible in the room!  I’m considering another one in the future.”

– Kathy Bates, Chesterland, OH


“I love the new crate! It’s design is perfectly functional as well as beautiful! It fits right in with the decor of my house and most importantly, my two little Chihuahuas love it too! Many of my friends have admired the crate and comment that they have never seen a better one!”

– Michelle Todd, Los Angeles, CA


“I’m a new proud owner of one of these beautiful dog lofts.  The design matches my mid-century designed home perfectly.  My dog loves it and I love that it looks great!  It’s a definite conversational piece when friends come over.  A must have!”

– Stacy Gottula, Los Angeles, CA


“… the dog crates are beautiful and functioned as I had hoped, both as a dog crate and as side tables. I love functional art and your crates are perfect.”

– Deborah J. Greer, Corpus Christi, TX


“We love the crate. It goes perfectly in formal rooms and we get many compliments. It’s a piece of art and it’s really, really beautiful. We will likely get another crate.”

– Anonymous, Arlington, VA


“I love Bella’s crate.  I love that it is such a quality product.  Beside the fact that it is so beautiful, I like how you can lift the door to put her in or out with no hassle like with the old kennel.”

– Joni McRee, Corpus Christi, TX


“Maricela, the two crates arrived today as you predicted they might, both in perfect condition.  Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful product.  Our dogs will feel like royalty!  I have been singing you praises to my dog loving design friends.  Have shared your website address with my interior designer and my landscape architect.”

– Anonymous, Dallas, TX


“I love Riley’s new crate!  It looks like a piece of furniture in my house instead of a dog kennel, it’s beautiful! Thank you Maricela!”

– Mary Rose Schwartz,  La Jolla, CA


Home is where the heart is. Just like people, dogs need a reliable, warm and comforting home base they can always turn to. If you’re going to invest in one thing for your dog, invest in a reputable and comfortable dog crate. And today’s dog crates aren’t the unsightly, cage-like crates of the past! No sir. In fact, we have fallen in love with Maricela Sanchez Art’s Luxury Pet Crates for that very reason. Not only are they comfortable for your Fido but with their deco design, they’re also super stylish, so you won’t mind having them in your home.”

– Moll Anderson (Blog),  Knoxville, KY



“We love the gate.  With a newborn baby, it allows us to keep the door to his nursery open and our energetic Jack Russell terrier from getting too close.  It’s beautiful and functional.  So glad we have it!”

– Lori and Hassan Elfaysal, Raleigh, NC

“I just LOVE my new Mariposa Zigzag gate! It’s practical yet so stylish that it just blends in with my home’s decor; and it was custom designed with care to meet my specific needs. Most importantly it keeps my little furpup Gizmo safe. I will definitely be ordering a second one very soon. I can’t wait until his second crate and pen arrives.

– Erica  N. Nelson, Upper Marlboro, MD

DOG PENS  diamond-rings-dual-play-pen

Magnificent, beautiful and very Art Deco! I love how you matched the door pattern with the lovely side panel. You are very talented. It’s exactly what I want! Warmest regards,

  • – Jerry, Lake Forest, ILL

I LOVE the playpens for the puppies! They look great in my house and keep the dogs safe and out of trouble. I leave the doors off during the day when I’m home and find they go into them a lot on their own. They are not only beautiful but really well made- sturdy and most of all easy to clean. Marcy was easy to work with keeping me in the loop during the whole process from building to shipping.

– Amanda F., New York

Thank you Maricela, finally my 4 pound pomeranian Pancake has his own custom condo that is as perfect andvprecious as he is! Apartments in New York City have no space for ugly traditional dog crates. Finding the perfect size, not too big, not too small was nearly impossible until we found you.  The standard dog pen and crate height of 24” was un-necessary and unsightly, the 15” custom height is just perfect. The Bespoke pen is easy to move around.  It always looks pretty and it even slides under my (Room and Board Portica) bed frame creating a nice dark doghouse. This keeps Pancake quiet and comfy when I’m out. Pancake’s custom crate is big enough to hold a wee wee pad and an igloo house. The open top makes it easy to take him in and out, as well as clean or change his water dish. Pancake often welcomes new foster friends into his home. He’s a rescue from Eve’s Sanctuary Animal Rescue in NYC and he likes to help make his many guests comfortable and safe.

– Sonia, New York


” The screen is a perfect elegant solution for a problematic view out of a guest room window, as it allows light to come into the room and one focuses on the pattern of the screen not what is outside.”

– Alice & Eric Foultz, Durango, CO