Testimonials – Fine Art

MarciArtOpening-03… Sanchez is no stranger to invention.

…Indeed, one of the alluring qualities of her art…is how she embraces it as a continual process of discovery and adventure.

– Elizabeth B. Reese, PhD, Houston, TX


Maricela is a vibrant business minded artist that tackles creative projects with total focus and commitment.  She fulfills obligations and exceeds expectations.  As if that weren’t enough, she is great fun to work with!  Every encounter with Maricella inspires new perspectives.


– Diana Bluntzer Sherman, Art Center of Corpus Christi Director

I can heartily recommend Marcy.  She is an accomplished and versatile artist.  You will also find her to be very professional, articulate, dependable, and well-versed in business practices.  I have worked with her on several projects and would be pleased to work with her again.

– Joe Schenk, Art Museum of South Texas Director

Maricela is a vivacious, dynamic and creative artist with a vision for her artwork. She is smart and energetic and can work in any situation. She is fun and progressive, and she is limitless in what she can do. I give her high recommendations.

– Michelle Locke, Independent Curator


Surprise and admiration erupt. Beautiful!

– Katherine Brimberry, Flatbed Press, Austin, TX


Maricela’s talent, passion for the arts and dedication to her work is inspiring – she truly excels at anything she puts her mind and heart to.

– Rebecca Nowacek, Public Relations Consultant, San Francisco, CA


The art sculpture is absolutely beautiful, it’s absolutely spectacular.  Heart and soul went into this project and we love it!  With Maricela, it was way more than a job, it was her dedication and full commitment to make a real piece of art for our home, a real piece of love and a long-lasting friendship.”

– Carolina Nisimblat, Alice, TX